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  • Photorealistic 3-D simulation of drilling, sawing, and milling operations in up to 5 axes as well as edge gluing and dowelling
  • Precision mode enables maximum detailing of the visualization when machining complex and fine woodwork, in particular engraving
  • Ideal for presentations, documentation and training
  • Workflows are realistically simulated by emulating the specific control logic
  • Compatible with a machine PC or a standard PC for work preparation
  • Eliminates the need for cost-intensive tests and helps avoid programming errors
  • Increases safety and process efficiency
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive user interface
  • Comprehensive functionality, including collision detection, time calculation, and edge application
  • Material application and removal
  • Collision check performed simultaneously with simulation
  • Collision detection for all machine components:
    Machine body, housing, tools, workpiece, and clamping devices
  • Outstanding performance, even with machine computers
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
How the simulator works:

With our CNC Simulator, you can open generated CNC programs directly on the machine computer as well as on a standard PC for work preparation. Existing tool data and the machine configuration are automatically fed into the program. The program simulates and visualizes the processing of the workpieces on your specific machine.

Because the CNC Simulator can be used on the machine computer, changes made on the machine even just before actual processing can be immediately simulated and checked for errors. Any collisions between machine components and the workpiece will be detected and visualized. This allows you to identify programming errors instantly and correct them during the work preparation stage, thus eliminating the need for expensive test runs and avoiding costly errors on the real machine.

The projected processing time is displayed as soon as the program has been loaded. This information can be used for calculation purposes and, like the verification of program execution, saves machine time. The simulator also supports time calculation for multiple programs during batch processing.

Our CNC Simulator is modular. The two modules, VIEWER and MATERIAL APPLICATION AND REMOVAL LIBRARY, are also available separately.

Other functions at a glance:

  • Display of processing time for multiple programs (batch processing)
  • Automatic input of machine configuration data
  • Vacuum suction cups and other clamping devices can be represented
  • Permits rotation and repositioning of the workpiece for multistage processing
  • Includes easy-to-use tool data editor for defining and arranging tools
  • Detailed real-time graphics, even on machine computers
  • CNC machine real-time systems are not affected

Selected functions in detail

Visualization of processing with material removal

Abbildung 5

The CNC Simulator visually displays the processing of a workpiece on your CNC machine. The individual processing steps are shown as they will subsequently occur in production. The effect of the tool on the workpiece is displayed based upon the tool profile. Scrap pieces are automatically and immediately faded out in the display. The CNC Simulator normally imports the two profiles from contour definition files. Alternatively, tool profiles can be created quickly and easily in the CNC Simulator's tool editor.

Precision mode

Abbildung 7

Are you planning complex machining and want to know how the result will exactly look like? Take advantage of the precision mode. Get introduced to display the processing and the finished workpiece in the highest possible precision and check particular processing edges and surface structures up to the ribbing by the tool trace. Prior to the realization of your project, any rework can be estimated and optimized.

Collision check and identification

Abbildung 7

One important reason for using simulation programs is the ability to detect collisions before the actual processing operation. The CNC Simulator detects collisions automatically, displays them, and notifies the user about the error. The system not only detects collisions between a tool and clamping devices, but also collisions between the unit body and the suction cups or the workpiece, including collisions between passive tools. This ensures maximum safety even at the programming stage, and helps to avoid costly errors.

Display of assembly operations

Abbildung 8

Both assembly operations and applied material, such as glued-on workpiece edges, are included and displayed.

Traced tools

Abbildung 8

Traced tools can also be simulated.

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