The Viewer
Visualization module, available separately

The Viewer is a 3-D simulator that visualizes the processing steps of a CNC machine based upon available motion data - while delivering the full functionality of our CNC Simulator. With it, we can offer you a fully-integrated simulation solution that can be quickly adapted to new machine layouts.

Your benefits:

  • Holistic simulation solution for existing motion data
  • Supports motion data in the G-code format (ISO) or your specific output format
  • Optimized for use in wood and plastic processing
  • Rapid adjustment to new machine layouts
  • Photorealistic visualization of machine layout and workpieces
  • Precision mode for maximum accuracy displaying
  • Highly-efficient graphics to provide a fluid display of ongoing processes, even when removing large quantities of material
  • No delay in collision detection and removal of scrap parts
Abbildung 11

Realistic depiction of all machine tools

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